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Wasted Fridays

I have a goddamned office Christmas party to go to today and it just weighs on me… All I can think about is being crammed into the boardroom with all the squares that I do my absolute best to avoid the rest of the year. And there’s no dodging it. A mandatory office party. If […]

Guy with a bike

My little web design minion, Tyson Tate, has set out on a 350 mile post-graduation bike journey from Davis to San Luis Obispo, CA.  Which means nothing to me because I live in a small hole in the ground on the east coast and refuse to accept that there’s a larger world out there. The […]

Hating DC

I subscribe to about 300 blogs, so it’s impossible for me to recall where I saw any particular story…especially when 299 of the blogs are pretty much dominated by useless fluff.  But I did see something the other day about one of the writers for Why I Hate DC not finding enough stuff to hate […]

Blog Away

As we all move deeper into blog culture, there’s something that’s really starting to become a serious pet peeve:  That desperate attempt to start a conversation in the comments area.

Still unfocused and hungover…

I’ve discovered something terrible:  I’m addicted to Google Reader. Five days out of town, checking email in the mornings but, otherwise, ignoring the internet, and I let Google Reader slide a bit.  Now, I subscribe to 300 blogs (because I’m also addicted to the internet), so that means that things were a little out of […]

I hate all of you

Actually saw this on the List of the Day blog, though they’ve lifted it from the wonderful  All I know is that I’m going to get a sign like this made and put it on the door to my apartment.

The Cardinal Sin of Book Review Blogs

As part of my business, I subscribe to about 50 book review blogs. Partially to spam them with my books, and also to scan their content for past reviews. Because there’s no way of telling if they reviewed your book or not. Solipsism is the cardinal sin. Here are some of the major points for […]