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Day Drinking

It’s time to answer the question that, I’m sure, is foremost in everyone’s mind: Where can I get a beer in Union Station at 8:30am? And I don’t mean buying one at the liquor store, or getting one down at the weird pizza joint in the gladiator pit food court and drinking in a corner […]

Capitol Hill Drinking: The Cap City Rumor

After nine years, I’m sad to report that the so-called “NoMa” section of Capitol Hill really sucks when it comes to drinking. I’m talking about the Mass Ave stretch…and beyond! NoMa being the wholly imaginary neighborhood “North of Mass Ave” which is Union Station and the dismal former-ghetto rolling down past the bus station to […]

Silver Spring Needs Hookers

I think I’ve figured out what’s wrong with my town.  I’ve watched it grow up from scary urban wasteland to gentrified post-suburban neo-yuppie masturbation sock, and there’s just a little something that’s off.  A sort of sanitized soullessness that breeds boredom and frustration.  And hookers can fix that.  Wouldn’t it be nice to walk down […]

Always Coming Home

I do understand that condemning 8407 on their opening night is pretty cruel.  Though I don’t think opening night jitters makes up for canned ham sandwiches and bartenders who don’t know how to tend bar, I do understand that one has to be somewhat forgiving.  Silver Spring is a growing community, in the process of […]


James was working through the Belgian beers on the Quarry House menu while I was deciding what to do after their meager Scottish collection. “I find women who can’t cook endearing.” He said over the menu. I muttered a reply, considering a shift to the Abita Jockamo, which I always found to be one of […]

Recession Proof

They’re saying that we’re officially in the land of recession, which can only mean that the end is near and we should go hang ourselves in the basements of our foreclosed homes. I’ll let you go do that before I continue.