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Cult Culture Archive: It’s Just A Dream!

I won tickets to Bubba Ho-Tep, after entering the Washington City Paper weekly giveaway. Everybody wins the giveaway, and it’s usually a Xerox of a movie pass to the low rent premiere night of some DC-only release. An old gag – 200 tickets for 100 seats.

Dr. Arcane never had a chance

I’ve talked about Helena the Hussy of Horror before, and I’m sad that so much time has passed since her second video. But never fear, she’s back now…and better than ever. The third video, pasted below, is a delicious homage sort of thing for Wes Craven’s atrocious Swamp Thing, hailing from the distant and dark […]

Women’s Studies

I’ve mentioned my buddy Lonnie and his movie before, I think.  I’m too lazy to check and, between you and me, I have no idea what I’ve posted on the front page.  Except for the stuff I wrote 20 years ago because I like to sit around and wonder how healthy my childhood was.

Halloween movies

So the big problem with The Fog is that it opens with a ticking watch sound, which makes me want to watch Back to the Future, then it has a dangling pocketwatch effect on screen, which makes me want to watch Time After Time, and then it has the crazy sea captain telling a story, […]

Thou Shalt Not Kill That Zombie

So my good friend, who has a movie coming out soon, has turned his wife into Helena, the Hussy of Horror.   Originally intended for some Horrorfest thing, here’s the first episode via youtube, which is where people on the internet like to go, apparently. They didn’t win whatever the Horrorfest thing was because, really, the […]