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The Reich Stuff

I keep seeing this throwback Thursday shit — or whatever it is — on Facebook. Since I ignore all of my Facebook friends (isn’t it supposed to be all about me, anyway?), I haven’t really tuned into whatever the fuck you’re supposed to do until now. The inspiration hit me a week ago. The GS […]


I was in New York with friends in the early 90’s shortly after I cranked out the second half of the Boble. At the time, I was running a tiny little publishing company called Purple Publications, where I put together homemade chapbooks and sold them for around $5 a pop.  The Boble was my top […]

Death & Family

Long ago, a girl once said that I wouldn’t be able to survive the death of my grandparents. A comment that disturbed me then and now. She was so up in my shit that she asked me to marry her, and is now entering her sixth year of aggressively stalking me, and yet she didn’t […]

The New Testicle: 1993 Epilogue

The New Testicle was completed in February 1993, after which I wrapped it up with the rest of The Boble and put out a new edition.  The epilogue below is from the 1993 edition (whereas before, the Boble ended with a ranting about copyrights). Also — thank god this is over.

The New Testicle VI: Pole/Sole

Okay, look, the New Testicle is a mess.  I’ve been closing my eyes and just copy-pasting for weeks… I can’t even do that with “Pole/Sole.”  But, if you’ve become an obsessive completist where The Boble is concerned, then I have posted Pole/Sole in the forums.  Click this link.