The New Testicle: 1993 Epilogue

The New Testicle was completed in February 1993, after which I wrapped it up with the rest of The Boble and put out a new edition.  The epilogue below is from the 1993 edition (whereas before, the Boble ended with a ranting about copyrights).

Also — thank god this is over.

Epilogue by Werdna (1993)

And thus ends the word of BOB.  Take it lightly, but take it in.  I hope you have enjoyed these works, and I hope that BOB blesses you all.  Hail BOB and Damn Straight!



September, 1993.  I have written to BOB, and recently received this cable:

Hey Werd! Stop. Glad to here from ya! Stop. Hope you accept charges for cable. Stop. Am on tropical planet circling Polaris. Stop. Am having fun. Stop. Give regards to followers. Stop. Sorry about AIDS, accident with chem kit. Stop. Will commit to curing disease upon return. Stop. In response to question about authenticity of the Boble. Stop. Have put much thought to it. Stop. Must read Boble before I make decision. Stop. Please contact lawyers, stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Have a good year. Stop.

Signed: BOB.

Rambling By Werdna, Christmas, 1993:

I could really zone out doing this.  I’m sitting here listening to The Beatles… Sgt. Peppers.  Makes me think of growing up, you know.  I used to ride my bike down to the Avatar’s house.  In the heyday of the First Church of God BOB Scientist we had quite a little group going.  The Avatar, blasting his music across the park; myself, acting the fool and wanting to play a game of war; Nodge, being his artistic self and listening to his odd music; Nasoj, who just stood there most of the time; and Pope Flip, the leader of the Church.  I can’t say that we did all that much, but we sure had fun.

And now, so many years later, we’re all off in colleges and out of touch.  I do miss them all, and I do miss those days.  But the church has been dis­solved (to a degree, we never really agreed on it – we just let it fade away), and college work drives us into an oblivion of responsibility and pain.  Purple Publications now inhab­its my free time, and it seems that the Werdna of yesteryear has faded away.  It’s just Nacho Sasha now, the publish­ing-minded lone wolf.

The Boble…  I had the idea in church; I wrote most of the Old Testicle on a bus and during a school assem­bly the next day.  Then I just added, and added, and added till I had a monster on my hands.

I planned to stop there.

It wasn’t until 1992, five years later, when the New Tes­ticle finally came around.

Why the wait for the New Testicle?  Well, at first, I was a little scared of it.  The Old Testament was easy – lunge, stab, curse, adultery.  No problem.  How to make fun of the New?

But the Boble readers in­sisted on a New Testicle.  Not­hing was complete without Bob Jr; we had to have the whole thing.  I eventually agreed.

In these six years of God BOB, much has happened.  It’s rather frightening, actual­ly.  So many folks have purchased a copy of the Boble; so many people have gone out and gotten purple-reflec­tive sunglasses (myself includ­ed), and so many surprises have come about.

It has been fun, and it will be fun.  The Boble is slo­wly growing, and at the end of the New Testicle is our sell-out page.  The Capitalist reg­ime of Purple Publications has a number of offers which will, if anything, provide endless entertainment.


The Boble was first trans­lated into the English language in 1988.  Most past editions of The Boble are unavailable, but here is a listing anyway:

The Original Manuscripts:  The first translations of The Bob­le.  These date back to 1988.

The Family Fun Boble:  The Boble was censored (by cruel and bitter officials at my high school) in 1989, and the result was The Family Fun Boble.  There are three copies currently circulating.  Somewhere.

The Boble!  In Anarchistic Red:  Printed in 1990.  This was the original document upon comple­tion.

The Boble!  In Intellectual Black:  Also printed in 1990, this was a book loaned out for public use.  It was lost during the schism experienced by the rise and rapid demise of the First Reform Church.

The Most Holy Boble:  The First Edition was released in 1991 via Purple Publications.

The Most Holy Boble, 1993:  The Second Edition Boble was re­leased by Purple Publications in 1993.

The Most Holy Boble, revised:  The 1993 Third Edition Boble, re-edited and including The New Testicle.

The Puritanical Boble:  The Boble rewritten for the English culture.  This Boble began in 1991, but was never completed.  The Puritanical Boble’s intro­duction exists, and has been incorporated in the “Codex BOB.”