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Death & Family

Long ago, a girl once said that I wouldn’t be able to survive the death of my grandparents. A comment that disturbed me then and now. She was so up in my shit that she asked me to marry her, and is now entering her sixth year of aggressively stalking me, and yet she didn’t […]

Dream Mart

For quite some time now, I’ve been having a recurring dream. I guess. The dream itself isn’t the same, but it always has the same sort of ending – I’m walking at night in my childhood neighborhood and enter a convenience store. All very mundane! But I’ll still write about it because it’s stupid “project […]

Project Monday: 11/29-12/3

Okay! I’m going to take a break from the Monday project thing this week and focus on my other “professional” blogs. I think I’ll try to alternate — one week elsewhere, then the next at GS, and so on. That way I won’t over-saturate the readers with endless rants about masturbation, girls, and sci-fi television.

Greatsociety: March 11, 2001 Notes

Wow… I just ran across this in my archives and figured I’d cheat on one of my project Monday posts. This is from March 11, 2001. Greatsociety (then called started up on April 15th of that year. The idea was to have a bunch of regular series and not just random, nonsensical rants. A […]

The Experiment

James spun by for some post-Thanksgiving down time. I usually saw more of him as the holidays approach as he had a greater number of local family members to avoid. Though, for the last two weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, he’d been completely off the radar. He pushed past me when I answered the door, […]

Project Monday: 11/22-11/26

I didn’t expect to have anything for last week, but ended up with a near-death experience, my fight against seasonal depression, a cartoon, and begging for folks to visit my wishlist. This week, I’m feeling a little off.  A classic case of the Mondays, always harder after a long holiday weekend. I have this feeling […]


The holidays – starting with Thanksgiving – have always pitched me into depression. I’ll spend the long stretch until the new year pissed off, envious of the happier people, and generally mourning what I view to be a disastrously wasted 36 years.