In April of 2001, I launched a site called “Dirty Freaks.” Despite the pornographic (and, so, financial) promise of the name, the site was dedicated to ranting and satire. The original plan was to have a series of themed articles and, in a sort of backhanded way, “practice writing.” The web designer of Dirty Freaks was co-writing a movie script with me that eventually inspired my Lousy Novel, so we wanted to get into the habit of writing and, by extension, create a forum for writers. The very early, very clumsy precursor of the current GS forums.

Quite a bit has happened since then. Old friends have been lost, new friends have been found. There’s been drama, love, pain, suffering, and renewal. We’ve watched the core group of folks evolve either in the forums or on the front page. It’s been a wild ride. And now we’re all old, I guess. Or something. I don’t know. But there’s 15 years of writing archived on this site, so go entertain yourself! And, as always, your support is appreciated.

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  1. Congratulations – I used to be your web developer back in the postnuke days… 2002 I think. Anyways, All the best!

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