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Forum Sundays III

A few years ago I decided to marathon all of the Star Trek: TNG episodes and share my thoughts. I went crazy a couple seasons in. And you can follow along right here! Thread also features general talk about all things Star Trek and a list of things I would do to Tasha Yar’s sister.

Pod People

It’s been awhile, so I figured I’d marathon the various versions of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Finney’s delicious little silver age sci-fi novel has spawned four official sequels so far. The original, of course, is a classic tale of Cold War paranoia (“Keep watching the skies!”), then we get a strange, meandering remake in […]


Well, here we go again. Sci-fi TV continues its slow death spiral with Outcasts — BBC’s new post-apocalypse sci-fi. It’s the replacement for the horrible Survivors remake, which the Beeb cancelled after the second series. Thankfully. 

Blacks in Space

One of my favorite scenes in the classic Star Trek is when Abraham Lincoln appears and calls Uhura a “charming nigress.”  He’s politely informed that such language isn’t used anymore, and everyone is equal in the future, and all that Star Trek utopian nonsense.

Non Productive Monday

In an attempt to waste as much time as possible, I spent today writing up a little thing in the forums: One season sci fi wonders. Shows that never were, I suppose. Canceled after a handful of episodes, they’re all left out there to fade away into our cult-culture. Some were great — like Firefly […]

Sci-Fi Saturday

Well, since I wrote about it yesterday, it’s time for a trip report. Mainly because I’m waiting on my friend Lonnie who called an hour ago and gave me some weak excuse about being late. The plan was for him to arrive at noon with lots of vodka, and then we’d sit out on the […]