Salvage 1

I’ve been pining for out of print sci-fi shit for awhile on the forums.

My  top five “where the fuck is the DVD?” list is:

Wizards and Warriors


Misfits of Science

Logan’s Run

Salvage 1

(Oh, and Blake’s 7 in region one format.)

For my sins, we were given Starlost on DVD.  That’s one that should not have seen the light of day ahead of the top three on the list above.  Logan’s Run, similarly, is a chaotic nightmare of painful agony, so it’s okay if we don’t see that on disc for awhile.

Nevertheless, I constantly seek them out.  I’ve managed to download most of Logan’s Run, and Probe and Misfits are floating around the net.  Wizards and Warriors only requires the occasional Youtube clip to remind me that, deep down, I’m not interested in that bit of nostalgia.  So far, the most elusive has been Andy Griffith’s retarded sci-fi debacle, Salvage 1.

In Salvage 1, Griffith plays a somewhat unscrupulous junk dealer who learns that there’s – OMG – millions of dollars to be made if he retrieves space junk.  Like, almost enough to pay for the oxygen if he were considering building a rocket to go to the moon and collect the junk.  Which he is, along with an ex-astronaut (now a new age car salesman), a sexy “fuel expert,” and a token black man who (remarkably for 70’s sci-fi) is not eaten by a giant nuclear cockroach.

I figured no way would Salvage 1 even rank a hit on the net.  But, I found it.  The pilot, at least. Split up into a billion parts on Youtube.  So here ya go.  Suffer with me into the night: