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The GS Search Terms

Every other site in my feeds is doing this…so here we go! The top 10 search times that brought people to GS in 2013: 1) namibian women with beads fucked (I have no idea where this is on the page…) 2) are there prostitutes in silver spring maryland? (Thanks to this article.) 3) alan and […]

Getting Your Archive On

Because there’s something deeply wrong with me or, perhaps, because I have far too much free time and never actually rest, I decided to see if I could figure out how to get all the shit from the old GS page over to this current one. And, of course, it was as easy as downloading […]

Winter Break

I’ll be out of town for a little over two weeks, so I figured that’s a good time for the front page to take a break as well. If you’re bored over the holidays, you can go back and read the “Vignettes.” That’s been my latest writing discipline project that I’ve (surprisingly) stuck to for […]

The GS Reader

A friend asked me the other night, over about 17 bottles of wine, to put together a “Great Society Reader.” He wants to get deep into the page, but doesn’t know where to begin because I’ve spent the last ten years literally vomiting out a hodge-podge of insane rants ranging from conversations with my penis […]

Ten Years of Great Society

Taking Greatsociety too seriously. Taking “Nacho Sasha” too seriously. It’s a trap that’s caught many people over the last decade. Since April of 2001, this page has seen a steady stream of internet drama. People desperate for community, understanding, or just some sort of emotional purge have stopped by and shit all over the place. […]

GS Update

I updated the site last night.  For four years I’ve chosen to ignore the little WordPress messages that say, oh my God, upgrade today, because I have a weird fear of computers. Even the simplest of projects exhausts me.

Greatsociety Online

So I’ve decided to do this stupid Twitter thing.  Follow my feeble whining right here. I’m also on Facebook and horribly addicted to Farmville.  Here’s the link for my FB freakout party spot. BYOB. Both will be handy links if GS ever goes down and, generally, if you want more active updates.  I should be […]

GS Updates…

Dear god! I’m finally getting my wits back after a big move,  Now I can turn towards real writing and not recycled trash from my past. Starting next week – new shit! So shut up with your nagging emails. Also, once The Knights of Saint John concludes (in two weeks), the Sunday Archive section will […]

Amazon Store

Well, it took me a few months, but I just realized that the link on the sidebar to my used store at Amazon was busted.  I went ahead and fixed it, and you can also click here. I’m selling a combination of fantasy trash from my childhood, unwanted books from my adulthood, and shit I’ve […]

Back to work

Launch party update here – with a link to some pics.  There are no pictures of the after party, where I camped out in a corner with Lonnie Martin and his wife Cindy, my landlady, a drunken co-worker from my day job, and a certain strawberry blonde. I probably should have wandered around gladhanding folks […]