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My old college buddy James showed up with a grocery bag full of those little travel bottles of vodka. I was on a forced writing holiday – five days away from my thankless, low-paying day job to focus on the Greatsociety book I was foolishly going to flog for the tenth anniversary. I’d spent four […]

The Experiment

James spun by for some post-Thanksgiving down time. I usually saw more of him as the holidays approach as he had a greater number of local family members to avoid. Though, for the last two weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, he’d been completely off the radar. He pushed past me when I answered the door, […]

American Musings

I think about moving. Leaving DC. Escape. Getting away from the rush, the angry people, the crippled commuters, the twisted women, the broken souls. I weigh my options for relocation. Where do I see myself? If I give myself over to fantasy, then the answer is easy. I want to be in Brampton in the […]

Two Novels and a Baby (August 19th)

The challenge: I produce a completed and somewhat serviceable novel by December 15th. The challengers: My old college buddy James and his unborn baby (due on or about the 15th). The rules: I can’t share anything I write, and it has to be completed before the baby is born.

Two Novels and a Baby (August 7th)

My old college buddy James had really toned down over the last couple years. He’d gotten himself sober, married a girl named Marcie, and started on a weirdly responsible career ladder.  I hadn’t seen much of him since he announced Marcie’s pregnancy. His life entered one of those phases I equate to the turning of […]

The Tiger’s Path

There’s a certain wildman in Bethesda, MD whose iPod keeps shuffling back to Donovan songs. Over the last few back deck sessions at his Palace of Wonders, I’ve found myself thinking again and again about an old story I wrote.  It’s back on the antique GS page, and I’ll reprint it here… Because I have […]

44, part eight (conclusion)

Nixon was easy.  We could go anywhere, really, but James had been talking about the 600 at Watergate South, which wasn’t really the sort of place where we belonged…but they had a full bar.  We somehow managed to get in and get a drink, but it was clear that our time was limited, so it […]

44, part seven

Back to DC.  It was bourbon at the Hotel Washington for Eisenhower.  I don’t know the connection, but I’m sure it seemed logical at the time.  I also couldn’t tell you where we ended up for Truman, but a deep slice on my arm was bleeding steadily.  I had several napkins stuck to it, fouled […]

44, part five

Twenty-eight.  Wilson.  The First World War.  We ended up in Silver Spring, Maryland, at the Quarry House.  None of us could remember how that happened, but it did, and so we made the best of it.  Energy was flagging all around, and David and James had opted for Vodka and Red Bull while I played […]