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Mom always used to remind me of the exact second of my birth. May 10th, 2:44 pm, and 30 seconds. She made the nurses time it. They used a stopwatch, measuring the precise second mom was free of her cargo. In my youth, she would alternate between saying I was an angel, even the second […]

10,000 Words: 9013-10,020

The final thousand words starts not with a bang but a whimper. My wrists hurt from typing, I’m losing focus on the words I’m writing. Outside, the rain continues on this cold, dreary February 7th. I’m hungry. I haven’t eaten all day. I had work deadlines and I blew them off. Though, by the time […]

10,000 Words: 8994-9012

There once was a boy named Nacho Whose gigantic penis was the most beautiful thing you ever saw-o

10,000 Words: 8261-8993

One hour till that vodka tonic! I’m going to make it anyway even if I’m not yet at 10,000 words, so it’s not really a “writing reward” and more of a “Dude, you completely wasted an entire day reward.”

10,000 Words: 7264-8260

I bought all this podcast equipment a few months ago but haven’t had the time to start a podcast. I’m hoping, once I leave my hideous day job, I’ll be able to start podcasting somewhat seriously. I want to do two podcasts, actually. A straight “on being an indie publisher” podcast (and I’ve scripted several […]

10,000 Words: 6431-7263

I just now saved this file after spending the last six hours writing it! Holy shit. That would have been awful if the computer crashed.

10,000 Words: 5416-6431

Holy shit, whose fucking idea was it to write 10,000 words in one day? This is fucking stupid. I started at 8am and it’s 2pm now and I’m only halfway through. My god.

10,000 Words: 4950-5415

When I was a kid I had a recurring dream that I could travel on my farts. Like, I’d be able to hover in the air and even fly powered entirely by farts. I’d be able to fart my way across oceans and travel the world. I could go anywhere. There was actually a bit […]