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Customer Service Transcripts #12

Haven’t done one of these in a while! I stopped partly because these started to depress me. These are real calls. Looking back on them, for me, is more scary than funny. The other reason is that I ran out of ones that are anonymous. I have lots more, but the really juicy ones are […]

Resume of a Wage Slave, Part One

After whining about my weekend job yesterday, I had the stark realization that I’ve never had fewer than two jobs since I started working at 16. And, throughout, I kept up with high school and college… Which, I suppose, counts as another job. So I’ve never had just one job, if you go with that […]

Customer Service

My day job, as you’ve no doubt gathered from the customer service transcript posts, is fucking insane.  It doesn’t demand much brainpower, and, in fact, I have enough spare time to run a publishing company, act as a consultant for another publisher, and juggle a handful of freelance writing gigs as well as maintain silly […]