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15 Years

15 years ago, the idea was simple. April, 2001, and we would set up a blog. We were veterans of the BBS culture, gamers, students of the internet’s childhood through the 1990s. Our blog would be called Dirty Freaks and on it we would…talk about stupid shit. Or something.


April is our 15th Anniversary, and I’ll be posting an article each Friday about how bitter I am. In the meantime, catch up with our past Anniversary articles! The History of GS A complete listing of all the 10th Anniversary Articles. Half these people don’t speak to me anymore, and they spent most of the […]

Cheeta is Dead

Nine years ago, I wrote an article titled Cheeta Lives which, as I review it today, appears to have been written under the influence of Sudafed and illegally imported bathtub gin. At the time, Cheeta was 71 years old and living the high life in a retirement home, fawned after by nurses and addicted to […]

Generica, 9/11

It’s the anniversary year for Great Society. In April of 2001, I set up I think there was the vague idea that it would be a porn site, but that somehow drifted into becoming a “literary” community. Which, then, drifted into insane ranting behind the guise of “Nacho Sasha” and, ten years later, I’m […]


Greatsociety has just finished its 10 year anniversary. I was glad to get the articles done and return to normal activity, but Osama’s death has inspired another piece. My retrospective, I guess. Since September 23rd, 2001, I’ve been writing about the tasteless and insane adventures of Texas Billionaire Oscar bin Laden. Here ends his tale.

Vanilla City

A couple years ago, I decided to pick up every coin I found during my daily walks around Capitol Hill and obsessively record the findings in the forums. For the last few months, though, I’ve not had much luck. A part of me blames this on the economy. As things get tighter, and as we […]