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15 Years

15 years ago, the idea was simple. April, 2001, and we would set up a blog. We were veterans of the BBS culture, gamers, students of the internet’s childhood through the 1990s. Our blog would be called Dirty Freaks and on it we would…talk about stupid shit. Or something.


April is our 15th Anniversary, and I’ll be posting an article each Friday about how bitter I am. In the meantime, catch up with our past Anniversary articles! The History of GS A complete listing of all the 10th Anniversary Articles. Half these people don’t speak to me anymore, and they spent most of the […]

The GS Search Terms

Every other site in my feeds is doing this…so here we go! The top 10 search times that brought people to GS in 2013: 1) namibian women with beads fucked (I have no idea where this is on the page…) 2) are there prostitutes in silver spring maryland? (Thanks to this article.) 3) alan and […]

Getting Your Archive On

Because there’s something deeply wrong with me or, perhaps, because I have far too much free time and never actually rest, I decided to see if I could figure out how to get all the shit from the old GS page over to this current one. And, of course, it was as easy as downloading […]

The GS Reader

A friend asked me the other night, over about 17 bottles of wine, to put together a “Great Society Reader.” He wants to get deep into the page, but doesn’t know where to begin because I’ve spent the last ten years literally vomiting out a hodge-podge of insane rants ranging from conversations with my penis […]

Ten Years of Great Society

Taking Greatsociety too seriously. Taking “Nacho Sasha” too seriously. It’s a trap that’s caught many people over the last decade. Since April of 2001, this page has seen a steady stream of internet drama. People desperate for community, understanding, or just some sort of emotional purge have stopped by and shit all over the place. […]

Anatomy of a Book

It’s time to prepare yourselves for more Nacho than you can stand:  The Cult-Culture project! I’m going to start a sort of “anatomy of a book” series because I’m going to use Kickstarter to fund the book and that means I’ll be hounding all of you relentlessly.

Wishlist Mania

Hey, look, Christmas is Saturday. It’s not too late to get something off my wishlist.Look! It’s up to 18 pages. I’m awesome. If you get me brewing equipment, then you’ll be invited to Nacho’s Monthly Beer Parties, where I plan to fill my landlady’s heart full of fear and regret. And, now, a flashback! [youtube=]