Getting Your Archive On

Because there’s something deeply wrong with me or, perhaps, because I have far too much free time and never actually rest, I decided to see if I could figure out how to get all the shit from the old GS page over to this current one. And, of course, it was as easy as downloading a plugin and pressing a button. WordPress makes me hot sometimes.

Great Society has had a few incarnations. From 2001-2003, we went with a design made by one of our authors. It was generally unusable and hugely annoying.

In 2003, we went with a new version of the page and, in 2004, we switched to the hideous Mambo version. Then I actually got half a brain and went with this current version around 2008 or so. Greatsociety 4.0, I guess… It’s amazing that I’m still doing this, really.

Sadly, most of the articles from those early days have been lost (though many were recycled in various small scale archival projects over the years), but that old Mambo page has been sitting there untouched for four years…often referred to, such as during the 10th anniversary, but largely unsearchable and broken. Sitting there were 160 articles (including a few migrants from the earlier pages). Some are terrible, some are strange, and some still sort of stand out. And now they’re here on the modern page.

You can search by category right here, or use the tag cloud (a terrifying cross-section of my insanity). Enjoy!

5 Comments on “Getting Your Archive On

  1. Still can’t find your epic tale “Year of the Hammer”, I swear that was the name. Anyway, good to see that this site is still alive and kicking, I’ll plow through all the archives at my leisure.