The GS Search Terms

Every other site in my feeds is doing this…so here we go! The top 10 search times that brought people to GS in 2013:

1) namibian women with beads fucked (I have no idea where this is on the page…)

2) are there prostitutes in silver spring maryland? (Thanks to this article.)

3) alan and monica quartermaine forever fanfiction (Again…no clue. But it sounds interesting!)

4) bumper stickers (Balloon Buddies!)

5) all great society’s fall (Speak the truth, brother!)

6) does nothing! (No idea…)

7) twin peaks girls (This article.)

8) Evelin Lin nude (It is possible that I’m obsessed with Evelyn Lin.)

9) did the great society work (See #5, brother!)

10) Henryton exploration (An article here, and a picture thread in the forums)