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Brain Fart #9 by Monkey!

Today I read an article on Psychology Today, ‘Does Talking To Attractive Women Make Men Dumber?’ and obvious sexist implications aside, the writing in general angered me. The claim is that men become temporarily less intelligent when talking to attractive women in person judged by cognitive performance tasks pre and post interactions with same-sex and opposite-sex partners. Why […]

Brain Fart #8 by Monkey.

After months of guttersnipe press and stupid people who allow tabloid media to decide their vote, the U.K. is fucked. Before the referendum vote I was baffled some would even consider such foolhardy action regardless of ‘Project Fear’ in the classless and low quality tabloid press of England which – owned by friends of the […]

Monday Brain Fart #7 by Monkey!

The common delusion of democracy is at once a great boon and sin for modern society. How can you say this? idiots may ask and may well they ask; your vote doesn’t count. Let’s examine the present U.S. Candidate race. A contestant may win 60% of the popular votes yet the unelected delegates may choose […]

Monday Brain Fart #Whatever by Monkey!

One thing I would not have thought so hard to find in adulthood would be a great pair of jeans – not a good pair of jeans but a great pair of jeans. I found those jeans, once, but now I cannot find their replica. I loved them dearly and held them tightly and squeezed […]

5 Minutes #3 by Monkey!

Your dad made you eat verbs. Huh? I said he made you eat cum. The person laughed and I hated them more. It was now their fault this anger would eat at me all day long – a niggle, a nibble, a sharp fingernail to poke my ribs when least wanted, not that it is […]

5 minute Brain Fart #2, by Monkey!

This week has been somewhat hectic with regards to foreign political climates and domestic affairs. Over the pond in Yankee Doodle land it appears that mister wig master Trump – a surname which sounds like fart – is leading the race to become a presidential candidate. In Europe, the German Chancellor is probably going to […]

5 minute brain farts or, ‘Saint Cunt of Cuntcutta.’ by Monkey.

Since I discovered ‘The Most Dangerous Writing App Ever’* which isn’t an app but a webpage I have been holding myself to a once-per-week exercise of writing non-stop for five minutes. *Note, if you stop writing for more than a few seconds you lose all progress Here is entry #1 unedited and purposefully bombastic. […]

Madness Galore. By Monkey.

by Monkey Once again the world has seen the results of a ‘religion of peace’ – this time manifested in a vicious attack upon freedom of speech and expression, when at least two idiots, possibly three, whose minds are filled with Iron Age superstition and barbaric cultural leanings, burst into the Paris offices of satirical […]

Monkey’s Film Corner #1

Last night I watched one of the worst films ever made, “Wanted” (2008) starring a somewhat A-List cast of James McAvoy, Angelina Jolie, and Morgan Freeman. Promising, one thinks… as long as you don’t read the movie ‘blurb’ in the TV Guide.