5 minute Brain Fart #2, by Monkey!

This week has been somewhat hectic with regards to foreign political climates and domestic affairs. Over the pond in Yankee Doodle land it appears that mister wig master Trump – a surname which sounds like fart – is leading the race to become a presidential candidate. In Europe, the German Chancellor is probably going to get kicked out for allowing ‘millions of immigrants’ into Germany because whilst most of Europe is ‘war free’ Germany is where ‘dem Benjamins be at – if you know what I mean and I think you do. After Paris, we now have attacks in Brussels followed by the typical apologists who say it’s ‘not their fault they exploded innocent people, it’s our own fault’ and we shouldn’t judge them. Well, maybe we should judge their pre-reformation Iron Age culture that reminds me somewhat of European Dark Ages and the Spanish Inquisition and their inherent lack of compatibility with modern society. Or maybe it is our fault insofar as we’ve been so beaten down into PC-lingual-fascism that we can no longer permit ourselves to exit modern Zeitgeist DoubleThink of, ‘Oh, we can’t say that’ because it may upset people who already hate you because you don’t eat sand and dirt for breakfast. If we find a turd in the toilet we are not surprised but if we wake up to find a turd upon our kitchen table then we should indeed be concerned.