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Madness Galore. By Monkey.

by Monkey Once again the world has seen the results of a ‘religion of peace’ – this time manifested in a vicious attack upon freedom of speech and expression, when at least two idiots, possibly three, whose minds are filled with Iron Age superstition and barbaric cultural leanings, burst into the Paris offices of satirical […]

Words of Mass Destruction

When the webpage changed over from to Greatsociety, we added a primitive little forums module. Since then, the forums have been home to a small group of, well, deeply crazy people. Considering that there are only a handful of active members, it’s a surprisingly busy board. By far, the most colorful forum member goes […]

Bedrooms Lessons. One.

If the question, “can we cuddle?” is posed by a woman to a man after having just completed coitus, a firm rebuttal should be issued: “No, I’ve done my job, now I want to get some sleep. You should do your job and get your rest for the morning. You can toss me off when […]