Madness Galore. By Monkey.

by Monkey

Once again the world has seen the results of a ‘religion of peace’ – this time manifested in a vicious attack upon freedom of speech and expression, when at least two idiots, possibly three, whose minds are filled with Iron Age superstition and barbaric cultural leanings, burst into the Paris offices of satirical news magazine, Charlie Hebdo.

Apologist platitudes for this foolishness no longer hold water. The proverbial bathtub resembles a colander, punctured by bullets of those indoctrinated by savage idiocy that replies to intellectual freedom with cold-blooded murder. Even in 2015 we are still at mercy of people who proclaim death to be a reasonable penalty for apostasy – i.e. if you stop believing in their special, invisible magic man in the sky, you should be killed. In this case, journalists were murdered for the audacity of drawing a cartoon.

Don’t misinterpret these simple observations as biased ranting against one particular religion or culture, nor indeed should this tragedy lead to generalizations about every person from said culture. However, it becomes ever clearer that many elements of this ‘religion of peace’ have become a malign tumor in modern society. The values taught at its heart – intolerance, misogyny, social inequality for women, and outright violence being the ‘most holy’ act for the invisible magic man in the sky –  should be suffered no place.

It seems unlikely any reasonable solution can be found. These acts bring nothing to the world but heightened mistrust of other cultures, generalized racism, and those who commit such atrocities hurt their own culture and people. They feed the machines that manufacture public consent and when next the ‘western’ world bombs the hell out of innocent civilians, people will cheer and approve, rather than be concerned their taxes pay for mass murder.

Until humans realize how defunct religion is in modern society, and stops attempts to rationalize this nonsense, and take steps towards removal of fantasy and superstition from the world that needs it not, things like this shall continue to happen, be it in the name of one religion or another.