Monday Brain Fart #7 by Monkey!

The common delusion of democracy is at once a great boon and sin for modern society. How can you say this? idiots may ask and may well they ask; your vote doesn’t count. Let’s examine the present U.S. Candidate race. A contestant may win 60% of the popular votes yet the unelected delegates may choose the less popular because their choice doesn’t need to reflect the votes of the people. Let’s say the voters do choose the candidate – once elected, other than choosing the colour of tie you most wish to see on television for the subsequent four years what choice, what influence have you upon the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly affairs of your country and life? The answer is simple: none. Pick a colour of tie, if unelected delegates think you chose incorrectly, the other gets elected. Pick a colour of tie and get that lovely cravat into power, then you sit silent for the next few years. What a wonderful system this illusory nonsense is – give the illusion of personal importance so people don’t realize their opinions count for nothing because the main fault of the democratic concept is based upon the need for an informed electorate. At least the unelected delegate system is honest in saying, ‘Fuck you, idiot assholes – we shall do what we feel best regardless of your so-called popular vote for democracy.’ Eat shit, assholes. Eat shit and enjoy the taste because that is modern life. Pay your taxes, shut your mouth when coke-head computer screen jockey-assholes ruin your life and you bail them out again with taxes. Enjoy the meaty texture and try not to choke.

P.S. Your mother’s a whore!