Brain Fart #8 by Monkey.

After months of guttersnipe press and stupid people who allow tabloid media to decide their vote, the U.K. is fucked.

Before the referendum vote I was baffled some would even consider such foolhardy action regardless of ‘Project Fear’ in the classless and low quality tabloid press of England which – owned by friends of the politicians – absolves said politicians of their failures and blames only ‘immigrants’ and Europe without question as to why ‘immigrants who don’t even speak the language’ are nonetheless better at the jobs of ‘local’ people.

I asked my sister – not a stupid person – how she would vote and her defense of a Brexit vote was, ‘Well, why not? A change is as good as a rest.’


The real tragedy is this seems to have been the pervasive opinion amongst Brexit voters who on Friday 24th June 2016 – the day after the referendum vote – comprised those who defined Google’s #1 UK Search Trend of that day:

‘What is the EU?’

I shall just let that hang there for a moment….

Cue Nigel Farage’s return to European Parliament. His speech can be distilled into three sections:

1) Nah nah ny’ah na-nah!

2) You’re all cunts.

3) Please be nice and don’t fuck us over trade deals.

Ex-PM of Belgium, now MEP for Belgium, responded to claim the real savings of the EU budget would be ending their 17 years of paying for Farage’s salary. Nigel Farage has consequently fired himself from both need for an ‘independence’ party and from European Parliament. He’s an idiot with zero foresight.

People now complain about his reversal over claims £350m to be redirected from weekly EU spending to the NHS – false because the UK sends a net of £150m per week – to say, ‘I never claimed that’ – he did and it’s on video – because it would be an irresponsible claim. In the words of Mark from Peep Show,

‘Hitler promised not to invade Czechoslovakia, Jeremy. Welcome to the real world.’

The Mighty Merkel has said there is no question of a reversal for the U.K. and rightly so – if the annoying, difficult, cunty ex-partner kicks up a stink then files for divorce, don’t stop the paperwork, get that cunt out.

An English pro-Brexit politician claimed the EU would give ‘great trade deals’ because the U.K. buys much more from the EU than vice-versa. I love politicians versus economic theory because it’s always so much fun.

The United Kingdom buys more from Europe than it sells to Europe because the U.K. has almost zero manufacturing and insufficient agriculture to meet populous needs – 40% of U.K. food stuffs are purchased from Europe – This falls directly into demand and supply dynamics – you’ll buy the shit you buy because you need it from somewhere and don’t make your own so the EU will fuck you hard in the ass, even in and around the mouth over trade deals because the U.K. needs Europe more than Europe needs idiots who don’t bother to Google ‘What is the EU?’ one day before they vote in a referendum.


Monkey out.