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Co-op Fees

I can’t talk about this using my real persona because everyone will stop doing business with me. So — a business rant today!

Rejected Nacho Sasha Book Ideas

A House in Taos — poetry. Something Popped in my Lower Abdomen when I Was Peeing Just Then — memoir Remind Me Not to Kill Again — thriller It’s Not My Blood — memoir/family stories The Overt Shenanigan — collected essays I Seriously Can’t Spell Convenience. Like, Even When You Spell It for Me — […]

Kindle’s Dark Heart

Having pissed off a bunch of folks with my last article about Amazon’s alarmingly autocratic actions, I feel the need to apologize. I do acknowledge that a small percentage of Kindle owners can, in fact, read at least at the third grade level. Since I’m inspired to say the above, I’ll go ahead and make […]


I suppose we’ve all been following this Kindle bullshit, right? If not, you can go read this article, and this one has a roundup of what the media’s been reporting. You owe it to yourself – assuming you possess at least some level of intelligence – to study this development. It’s important. It can hurt […]

On Ebooks

I should begin by saying that I’m a Luddite. I hate ebooks, and I think everybody who owns an ebook reader is in league with the devil and should be exterminated. I believe ebook owners, one and all, have contributed to the decline of quality literature, eroded the education of our youth, and, therefore, have […]

Support Moody Food!

Hello GS readers!  A quick note telling you to support a book that means a whole hell of a lot to me: Ray Robertson’s Moody Food. You can follow that link above to read all about it. What’s important right now is that we get it onto CBC’s Canada Reads top 10 list.  It made […]

Two Novels and a Baby (August 19th)

The challenge: I produce a completed and somewhat serviceable novel by December 15th. The challengers: My old college buddy James and his unborn baby (due on or about the 15th). The rules: I can’t share anything I write, and it has to be completed before the baby is born.

Two Novels and a Baby (August 7th)

My old college buddy James had really toned down over the last couple years. He’d gotten himself sober, married a girl named Marcie, and started on a weirdly responsible career ladder.  I hadn’t seen much of him since he announced Marcie’s pregnancy. His life entered one of those phases I equate to the turning of […]

Stephen King’s Under the Dome

So I’m totally addicted to Under the Dome: A Novel.  People look at it and think, holy shit, it’s a doorstopper.  But I will now demonstrate how Stephen King makes his books 1000+ pages long. Ready? Okay.

Apocalypse Fiction Catalog

We’ve got Quiet Earth giving us more coverage than we ever wanted on the genre for film and TV, but I think we’re lacking a site that keeps us updated about apocalypse stories in print.  There are lists out there, untouched for years, and the Wikipedia list, which is pretty good.  But no sort of […]