Support Moody Food!

Hello GS readers!  A quick note telling you to support a book that means a whole hell of a lot to me: Ray Robertson’s Moody Food.

You can follow that link above to read all about it. What’s important right now is that we get it onto CBC’s Canada Reads top 10 list.  It made the top 40, and we have till November 7th to get it into the top 10. How do we get there?  You all vote for it! And if that link confuses you, or you’re like me and you have some retarded firewall at your office, then here’s a stripped down link to the poll itself.

You don’t have to be Canadian.  Votes can come from anywhere in the world.  You can use multiple computers, so dust off that laptop, vote from work, vote from home… Vote from all the computers at the library that aren’t being used by child molesters.

Most of all — spread the word! Get your friends to vote.

Okay? It’ll just take a minute. No big investment. Click of a mouse.  Then you can rest easy knowing that a deserving book is in the top 10 instead of nine titles from fucking Atwood which is how the vote’s going to go without you.