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Stephen King’s Under the Dome

So I’m totally addicted to Under the Dome: A Novel.  People look at it and think, holy shit, it’s a doorstopper.  But I will now demonstrate how Stephen King makes his books 1000+ pages long. Ready? Okay.

Apocalypse Fiction Catalog

We’ve got Quiet Earth giving us more coverage than we ever wanted on the genre for film and TV, but I think we’re lacking a site that keeps us updated about apocalypse stories in print.  There are lists out there, untouched for years, and the Wikipedia list, which is pretty good.  But no sort of […]

My Little Apocalypse

I’ve long had a terrible weakness for post-apocalypse stories, and am thrilled to finally be reading Terry Nation’s Survivors, which a kind reader picked up for me from my overcrowded Amazon Wish List.