Non Productive Monday

In an attempt to waste as much time as possible, I spent today writing up a little thing in the forums: One season sci fi wonders. Shows that never were, I suppose. Canceled after a handful of episodes, they’re all left out there to fade away into our cult-culture. Some were great — like Firefly — and some sucked — like Logan’s Run. But they all had promise. If only in their premise.

Of course, as I put that post together, I was driven to go to Youtube (and elsewhere) and dig up episodes of each show. Many of them aren’t yet on disc… Which is a shame, because there’s some great drunken TV marathons I could do. Imagine a Logan’s Run drinking game! Okay, every time Francis misses from point blank range, chug!

The one season wonder thread was inspired by the great shows that went wrong thread, which I used to waste time on Friday.

Notice a theme? A desperate struggle to eat up the hours at my day job and avoid working. And, yet, I’m still exhausted. And strangely guilty.

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  1. Loyal Reader
      April 23, 2008

    Don’t feel bad. It’s that Puritanical kack that we all go through — you must feel productive by someone else’s standards or else you feel bad. You’re not alone, Nacho!