Sci-Fi Saturday

Well, since I wrote about it yesterday, it’s time for a trip report. Mainly because I’m waiting on my friend Lonnie who called an hour ago and gave me some weak excuse about being late. The plan was for him to arrive at noon with lots of vodka, and then we’d sit out on the balcony in 50 degree weather, wearing shorts and no shirts, and talk about dead people and how much we miss them. Which always segues into conversations about people who should be dead but aren’t.

First, I crawled out of bed. I was going to photograph myself all bloggy-style and stuff, but decided that it was a little bit gay.

Then I stumbled into the kitchen and started my ritualistic Cinnamon Roll breakfast


They do not bake in “under 10 minutes,” by the way. Maybe if you’re baking them in a blast furnace.

Those, along with good coffee, led me into the computer room/office/TV room (everything happens on the same screen) and I put in the two-part finale from Battlestar Galactica’s third season.

The third season ended so long ago, it almost feels like going back to watch the original series from the 70’s. Except I can tell the difference because the new series is all pretty and, you know, somebody actually wrote a script for each episode.

After that, I watched the spectacular season four premiere from last night. We’ll not talk about my feelings for James Callis, because I find them awkward. And now he has a harem!

Now I’m waiting for stupid Lonnie. Because he’s dragging his heels, and also dragging me out deeper into the suburbs to watch a stage play tonight, and because my weekend job has me showing up at 8am tomorrow morning, I’m going to be mean and post a shot that best captures my dear friend.

Now that you’ve seen that, you should also see Women’s Studies. Well, it’s not out yet, but it’s coming…and it’s hot. So go read his blog, and think about scantily clad girls being all lesbo with each other and slaughtering people. I am.