Greatsociety: March 11, 2001 Notes

Wow… I just ran across this in my archives and figured I’d cheat on one of my project Monday posts.

This is from March 11, 2001. Greatsociety (then called started up on April 15th of that year. The idea was to have a bunch of regular series and not just random, nonsensical rants. A dream I never achieved! But, there in March ’01, I believed I’d be able to stick to the plan… So here’s the lineup I planned with several other authors. (Back then, we had five people writing for the page.)

Dirty Freaks – The Lineup

Between the two Dirty Freaks skull sessions I’ve had with each of you guys, here’s where we stand with content suggestions:

  • The Cat Diary
  • The Science of Alcohol
  • Drunken Reviews of Ordinary Objects
  • The Reverse Caption Contest
  • Sexual Positions with Butterfly
  • Letters from the Dirtyfreaks Investors
  • Jenny-Porn
  • Demented Kid’s Section
  • Sick Testimonials for Normal Products
  • Retreating From Life
  • Things not to say to your significant other
  • Colin Powell’s diary: (Fred Williamson is his idol, wants to nail Laura Bush, hates “that Texas honky,” etc.)
  • Menstruation diary
  • Alternative children’s name catalog (asshole, mistake)
  • Remove the letter “c” from the English language
  • Rottingcorpse is “accidentally” raped…and falls in love with his unknown assailant.
  • The NPO Inside Wood Trader Conspiracy
  • Lori Major – Everything is all her fault! (including the holocaust)
  • Woman marries man with last name “k” so she can have the initials JFK only to get shot by a ghetto kid named Oswald
  • Yiddish = Ebonics