Project Monday: December Roundup

Okay, so, I cheated on the whole Project Monday thing last week.  And will cheat for the remainder of this month…

Last week, we opened up with me talking about a common destination in my dreams. On Tuesday, you got a posting from Cassander. I took the day off!  He turned the big three-oh yesterday, by the way.  Wish him a happy birthday.

I guess we skipped Wednesday. I actually don’t remember Wednesday and am a bit shocked that we missed a day.

Thursday I bitched about my family again. The “Nacho tale of woe” needs to end with 2010, I think.

Friday I blabbed on about my new favorite blog. Did you also get hooked?

For the next two weeks, I’ll be taking a break.  My family’s in town, the holidays are haunting me… I’ll return to proper writing in 2011. I may burn off a few “rejected” articles randomly over the next few days, but I’ll otherwise be quiet as I prepare for yet another year.

In 2011, things should get fun.  After all, it’s Greatsociety’s tenth anniversary! In April, we’ll be having a special retrospective…which will include guest authors from ten years ago.  You can’t go wrong!