Category: Notes from a family history

Writing Break

I’ve finished a 380 page memoir about my family. I didn’t plan on that… The original plan was to write a 100 page “memoir” that, primarily, answered the one big question — what the fuck was up with your parents, Nacho? Initially, I did write this 100 page version. A sort of outline of what […]

The Vanishing of Great Aunt Deborah

I love how Japanese porn seems to be the natural progression of my great aunt Deborah’s severely protestant Scottish moral values. There’s this very large contingent of fallen women getting stuffed in all holes because that’s what they’ve had coming to them. Why? Because they’re giggling schoolchildren? Well…no. I know that’s the sort of image […]

The Reich Stuff

I keep seeing this throwback Thursday shit — or whatever it is — on Facebook. Since I ignore all of my Facebook friends (isn’t it supposed to be all about me, anyway?), I haven’t really tuned into whatever the fuck you’re supposed to do until now. The inspiration hit me a week ago. The GS […]

Notes from a family history…

I’ve spent most of my life waiting for people to die. In my family, death is the only possible way for the living to find closure and peace. In life, there is no middle ground with my family. Grudges are held for generations, sons and daughters can never hope for forgiveness. A grudge, in my […]