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We Used to be Underground

I remember when this used to be the cocaine hub of DC. Well, that was when you were five blocks over and one storey underground. Couldn’t be more different now. But I come here, and I see that old sign there hanging on the wall, and, if I get tipsy enough, and squint my eyes, […]

The Follies

“It’s…the best…shit…ever…” Travis opened his courier bag and pulled out a plastic grocery bag. He glanced around suspiciously, then hunched over and pulled out a copy of Mi Gringo. The cover flashed in the dim light as I downed half a pint of beer in one swallow.

False Starts

In college, studying history, I took a class on Nazi propaganda. An entire semester, three and a half hours a week, sitting in a darkened room watching the entire collection of the Goebbels newsreels, from the mid 1930’s right up till the end. The last newsreel to air (presumably to no one) was May 1st, […]

Judgment Day: Part 31

 A new chapter.  And introducing a storyline I went back and added to flesh things out.  But, then, it got to be too much for me and I cried a little bit and then had a Lost in Space marathon.   The boy!  Take the boy!

Judgment Day: Part 30

Part 30 of my woefully unedited novel from several years ago. This is also the end of a chapter. Is anyone still reading this while sober?