The New Testicle VI: Pole/Sole

Okay, look, the New Testicle is a mess.  I’ve been closing my eyes and just copy-pasting for weeks… I can’t even do that with “Pole/Sole.”  But, if you’ve become an obsessive completist where The Boble is concerned, then I have posted Pole/Sole in the forums.  Click this link.

The Boblehub’s goal is to finally post the entire goddamned thing.  I’ve been trying to do that at various places since 2000 — from 3am Magazine, to a couple of old print zines, to the original, then, and finally here at GS.  The good news is that I’m almost done.  Next week is the last book of the New Testicle — “The Trip.”  Then I have some junk from the various epilogues and, sometime in December, we’ll reach the end of The Boble.

Which means I’ll have to figure out something new for Wednesday’s.

So, again, if you’re really crazy and you want to read the entire Boble, then the link for this chapter is here.  And, otherwise, I’ll see you next week!  Or, rather, on Friday, when the next chapter of my equally unreadable novel is posted!