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The Alien by Rotting Corpse

[Note from Nacho — Fellow author Rotting Corpse and I will be posting today about the Nimoy we knew. A Nimoy not in a blue uniform and failing to tell Starfleet about his crippling “problem” that he gets every 7 years. Rotting Corpse’s entry is below, and mine will follow this afternoon…]

Hi! It’s Labor Day

I have to keep updating or else Amazon will delist me on the Kindle whatever store. So…I figured I’d post a rebuttal to Lonnie Martin’s latest blog entry wherein he talks about getting lost in Prague and says that American cities — and, specifically, Washington, DC — are well planned out. This is in hopes […]

Stranger in a Strange Land: Tales from the Beard

“So,” a friend says to me the other day, “Since you’re going to Europe for four months, you’re shaving off your jihadist beard, right?” “Why?” I asked. “Well, you don’t want people to think you’re a terrorist… or worse, a hipster.” “That’s pretty offensive,” I said. “Even terrorists don’t want to be called hipsters.”

A Nightmare in DC: Chandra, Southeast, & Other Rotting Corpses

It’s 2011. Great Society is ten years old. Much of the Southeast quadrant of Washington, DC is riddled with crime and poverty. The redevelopment of the H Street Corridor in Northeast DC is in full force, which will revitalize buildings untouched since the 1968 riots that erupted after the assassination of Martin Luther King when […]