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Boble: 2009 Interlude

The first version of the Boble, written during my freshman year in high school, ended after “Exit, Stage Everywhere.”  I’d written it as a lark.  Partially to come to terms with my mom’s somewhat overbearing “born-again” Catholic nonsense that she adopted after my father left, and, more importantly, because I was bored.  I’m always bored.

The Boble VI: Abrahamilton Hits It Big

Last time on “The Boble” – Ready?  With me:  ich bin; du bist; sie sind; er ist. Horen Sie zu und weiderholun Sie: Sabine studiert Medizin. Sabine likes to look at naked little boys. Sie lebt in Amerika. Since her Nazi grandfather managed to slip away like the filthy murdering bastard he was, Sabine’s family […]