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Forum Sundays

We don’t get much traffic in the forums these days because we’re getting too old, I think. And we only ever talk about a few sad little things like the upcoming Greatest American Hero reboot, but I feel like I should point folks towards the forums. Less as a call for participation and more as […]

The Mob

Since I have a tremendous amount of free time at my day job, I’m constantly looking out for distractions.  It was the six hours a day twiddling my thumbs that inspired me to marathon Star Trek: The Next Generation, which I’ve been detailing ritualistically in the forums. But that show gets on your tits after […]

Non Productive Monday

In an attempt to waste as much time as possible, I spent today writing up a little thing in the forums: One season sci fi wonders. Shows that never were, I suppose. Canceled after a handful of episodes, they’re all left out there to fade away into our cult-culture. Some were great — like Firefly […]