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Nacho Supreme

It’s never been easy for me to maintain a constant writing schedule.  A lot of it has to do with trying to decide what I want to say, how seriously I want to be considered, and how hard I want to work.  I’ve always been a lot more eager about the creation and planning aspect […]

We Can Tell People to Go to Hell, and They Just Might Fall Through the Earth

What I like best about Greatsociety is that consistency has never been a primary concern.  In the early days of my readership I came for the Notes on the Margin series but quickly became absorbed by all the posts that described the spermy, freakazoid, booze-addled shadow world in which Nacho Sasha was both prophet and […]

Liking Too Much of Everything

I’ve noticed a trend in recent years where, as Christmas approaches and I try to come up with lists of things I want for my friends and family, I am reminded of Christmas gifts of past years and my complete lack of utilizing or appreciating them.  This stems from two causes.

It Might as Well Be Spring

I took this day off months in advance when I knew Nacho was coming down for a long weekend, tacking on an extra day off for recovery that, as it turns out, was hardly necessary.  We are not becoming old men, just men more easily affected by the weather.  So it’s more than appropriate that […]