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James was working through the Belgian beers on the Quarry House menu while I was deciding what to do after their meager Scottish collection. “I find women who can’t cook endearing.” He said over the menu. I muttered a reply, considering a shift to the Abita Jockamo, which I always found to be one of […]

Flying Dog

So despite recovering from some weird death cold, I did manage to make it up to Frederick for Gonzofest at the Flying Dog Brewery with my good friend Reggie, from the infamous GS forums.


I’ll confess to a little paranoia here and there. I like to think it’s because I’m from an urban environment. DC may be a small town, by most city standards, but the client suburbs hold millions of people. And the increasingly urbanized suburbs are all more then feeder bedroom communities these days. And, as we […]

Three Beers Later…

The biggest problem I have with updating Greatsociety is that I’m functionally illiterate. I wasn’t always this way, but I think college did something to the parts of my brain dedicated to all of the civilized niceties – like learning from my mistakes and comprehending basic thoughts. Take today’s post, where I suffered from a […]