Crazy Dog Contest

You know what? I need to get rid of inventory. So the first person to post a link that replaces my current favorite crazy dog photo wins a copy of this title.

I’ll give you multiple chances, as well. But, be warned. I know my crazy dog pictures. You can’t use any of these.  Oh, and you can subscribe to the Comments right here, which you should do because that’s where you’ll learn how to collect your prize.


  1. Fza
      August 22, 2008

    Crazy dog / owner

  2. Fza
      August 22, 2008

    Oh and this one;

    It looks like a bad prop from a horror movie but it’s an actual living dog. 3 time winner of the worlds ugliest dog contest or something too.

  3. nacho
      August 22, 2008

    First one’s in the thread! Second one counts, though.

  4. cutter
      August 22, 2008

    I’ll buy the book. No need to send to me. Support SFWP, yeah?

  5. nacho
      August 22, 2008

    Anon — Sorry.

    Cutter — Holy shit.

    Okay, so we have Fza’s second entry (ugly dog) and Cutter’s fucked up shit. Keep them coming! Next Friday is a new contest, so I’ll decide on the winner then.

  6. Fza
      August 25, 2008

    One I posted earlier in color;

  7. Fza
      September 1, 2008

    Competition is over but I found an awesome one;

  8. nacho
      September 1, 2008

    Holy shit! Yes! Yes! For that, you get a copy of Moody Food, too.

  9. Fza
      September 2, 2008

    Hell yeah!