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No-Alcohol Weddings

I’ve been to over a thousand weddings, as an employee charged with staying in a back office and trying to read a book.  But I’ve only been a guest at three weddings…and all of them were alcohol free. Two were Muslim, which is fine.  If fucking god tells you not to booze up, then okay.  […]

Flying Dog

So despite recovering from some weird death cold, I did manage to make it up to Frederick for Gonzofest at the Flying Dog Brewery with my good friend Reggie, from the infamous GS forums.

Crazy Dog Contest

You know what? I need to get rid of inventory. So the first person to post a link that replaces my current favorite crazy dog photo wins a copy of this title. I’ll give you multiple chances, as well. But, be warned. I know my crazy dog pictures. You can’t use any of these.  Oh, and […]

Tommy Joe’s, Bethesda, MD

I’ve started collecting a file of dives and unique bars in the suburban DC area, because that’s the sort of thing you do when you don’t own a TV. Though, for the last week, I was house and dog sitting in Rockville and staring vacantly at the big wide screen TV in the living room.

In the piss drinking department…

We all know Two chicks, One Cup (a.k.a. Cupchicks). So let me go ahead and introduce you to the next phase: One orangutan, no cup. Yes, I’m bored. I’m working a 10 hour shift at my second job and I’m really hungover. I was okay this morning, because I was still drunk from last night. […]

Atomic Women

Sometimes I think it’d be nice to have a woman around. But then I think of the times a woman has been around, and that makes me think of how much toilet paper, Q-tips, and other essentials they consume. So are women worth what they cost in toilet paper and Q-tips? (Two vital toiletries that […]