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The Hazy Past

It’s taken me years, but I’ve converted all the shit I had on floppy disc over to my current computer. The goal was, initially, just to back up the important files I had floating around… But, bit by bit, I realized that I’ve pretty much held on to every piece of writing and correspondence since […]


You were one strange kid, Nacho (Part Three: false starts)

In October, I was forced to move. In the move, I found a bunch of old floppy discs from high school that were packed with horrifying examples of my childhood prose and poetry. Now, I post it to the front page to preserve the greatness that is me. (cough)


You were one strange kid, Nacho (Part One: White Queen, Black Heart)

On October 5th my apartment flooded out and I had to move and the last six weeks have been generally awful. While I was going through everything and trying to salvage the enormous mountains of hoarder trash I appear to have accumulated, I found a shoebox at the bottom of my closet filled with floppy […]