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My Best Side is Genocide

A recent review from the American Psychological Association “confirms a link between playing violent video games and aggression.” Okay, fair enough. But it seems like they’re talking about those shoot-em-up military games. I was really hoping the report would address my own video game addiction — becoming a mad Spanish bastard in Europa Universalis IV […]

Not So Soft Reboot Part One: Space: 1999

Shows like Falling Skies reboot themselves every year, and, perplexingly, sometimes during the season itself. Most of the time, as with Lost, and Revolution, and Jeremiah, the “soft reboot” of a sci-fi show between seasons is intended to address the problems of the first season, kowtow to the audience, and attempt to right a sinking […]

Gateway Episodes

When there’s a non-sci-fi person in your life, all the favorite go-to shows become a bit of a chore on a rainy day. It becomes all about the “gateway episode.” Get someone interested in the characters, then, maybe, they’ll get interested in the overall series. Get them hooked with a shiny little nugget and hope […]

The Alien by Rotting Corpse

[Note from Nacho — Fellow author Rotting Corpse and I will be posting today about the Nimoy we knew. A Nimoy not in a blue uniform and failing to tell Starfleet about his crippling “problem” that he gets every 7 years. Rotting Corpse’s entry is below, and mine will follow this afternoon…]

The Maze Runner: A Review

The Maze Runner is a sci-fi flick about a group of young people who are placed in a house of stairs by a nebulous government agency and forced to learn how to work together. They wake up with no real previous knowledge of their past, or how they arrived at the house of stairs, and […]