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The Russians Are Coming!

Here’s something you can file under “what was lost” and has not yet been found: The two great 80’s Soviet invasion TV miniseries. On the big screen, in the 80’s, we had Patrick Swayze fighting Cuban paratroopers, the ultimate in jingoism in Reagan’s new America. But it’s what was playing out on the small screen […]

Generica, 9/11

It’s the tenth anniversary year for Great Society. In April of 2001, I set up I think there was the vague idea that it would be a porn site, but that somehow drifted into becoming a “literary” community. Which, then, drifted into insane ranting behind the guise of “Nacho Sasha” and, ten years later, […]

Walking Dead: Off the Rails

I had such high hopes for Walking Dead. Certainly, the first episode was astounding. One of the best hours of TV I’ve watched. Though, looking back, I now realize that I was more dazzled by the special effects than anything else. I’m also very forgiving of post-apocalypse shows. Hell, I sat through the second seasons […]


Hunter Thompson’s famous quote that it never got weird enough for him is more true than ever today.  We live in boring times.  Even when the towers fell, and terrorists struck fear into the hearts of the free world, and we rolled into our Forever War, we were so saturated by the 24 hour screaming […]

High Rotation Special: Apocalypse!

Just having finished The Pesthouse, a love story disguised as a post-apocalyptic novel, and having my interested piqued by Nacho’s new project, I decided to join in the fun and present a list of the best cataclysmic or apocalyptic songs.  Also, there is a giant high pressure system just squatting over the entire Gulf region […]