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Boble V: Chronicles of Scary Things in Your Future, part one

Chronicles of Scary Things in Your Future and the Book of Jobless see the appearance of Binaca, Bob’s new right-hand redheaded angel-minx (and one of the authors of the Bob Jr. Scheme leading into the New Testicle), and has the first mention of the Blood Mistress Kraal. When I went back and put in the […]

Boble IV: Various Kings epilogue, from the 1997 “Second Revised Edition”

Throughout the life of the Boble, I printed several “editions.”  All done by hand — spiral binding from the office supply store and a xerox machine.  The first editions of the Boble that were distributed were the “Anarchistic Red” and “Intellectual Black” copies (referring to the color of the binders, which I shoplifted) in 1990.  […]

Boble: 2009 Interlude

The first version of the Boble, written during my freshman year in high school, ended after “Exit, Stage Everywhere.”  I’d written it as a lark.  Partially to come to terms with my mom’s somewhat overbearing “born-again” Catholic nonsense that she adopted after my father left, and, more importantly, because I was bored.  I’m always bored.