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The Intern and the Candy Jar

We have an intern here at my thankless day job who’s probably one of the more stunningly beautiful women I’ve ever seen. Tall, with thick dark hair, and a body that defies genetics. No accident of birth here, this woman’s body was devised by an advanced, time travelling AI using nimble factory robots from a […]

Girls on my Mind

Thanks to the watch instantly option at Netflix, I’m able to spend most of my time at work slack-jawed and staring at my second monitor, which is cleverly tilted away from the door of my not-quite-private office. I get to work at about 8:30 and that whistle don’t blow till around six so, in the […]

Make it Up as We Go Along

When our two eyes meet for the hundredth time in the day, skies outside cloudy, a rolling froth of clouds threatening to boil over, caught in the red rhombus of a televised tornado warning area, something happens that was unlike the first ninety-nine.  We are pulled inward.  A glass is set down on the counter, […]

The Twin Peaks girls

Fza wants to see Sherilyn Fenn nude which, you know, is about as easy as apple pie, since Fenn was nothing but nude everywhere during her Twin Peaks period.  I still have that issue of Playboy, where they barely showed anything worth while.  Much more alluring was all the full frontal stuff in the otherwise […]

On Women

I’ve long been pursuing the life of a professional bachelor.  At this point, as I enter my mid-30’s, it’s become something of a private little religion.  Being a professional bachelor means walking around in boxers, drinking at weird hours, smoking a pipe, and putting on a Nixon mask and screaming at the plants.  Also, I’ve […]

Atomic Women

Sometimes I think it’d be nice to have a woman around. But then I think of the times a woman has been around, and that makes me think of how much toilet paper, Q-tips, and other essentials they consume. So are women worth what they cost in toilet paper and Q-tips? (Two vital toiletries that […]