The Twin Peaks girls

Fza wants to see Sherilyn Fenn nude which, you know, is about as easy as apple pie, since Fenn was nothing but nude everywhere during her Twin Peaks period.  I still have that issue of Playboy, where they barely showed anything worth while.  Much more alluring was all the full frontal stuff in the otherwise unwatchable Ruby.  My personal favorite, though, is the 1988 film Meridian (subtitled Kiss of the Beast in Europe), in which Fenn and equally hot Charlie Spradling are brutally raped by furries.

You can turn it off after the rape scene.

My personal favorite Twin Peaks girl was the mousy Madchen Amick, who had some great nude scenes in 1992’s lousy Sleepwalkers and, especially, 1994’s abysmal Dream Lover.  Though I’m partial to the clumsy acting and nonexistent writing of the Lifetime TV movie I’m Dangerous Tonight, where Madchen tried to vamp it up in a haunted red dress, with little success.

Sheryl Lee is another one who’s always naked, but I loved the attention that Vampires gave to her ass.  That made the movie for me.

Lara Flynn Boyle, while also nude here and there, is the one Twin Peaks girl who managed to maintain some dignity.  Her nude scenes are tasteful…or uninteresting because they involve Matthew Broderick.

Too bad she didn’t sign up for Fire Walk With Me, eh?

Now I’m going to sit here and nurse the cough and congestion that comes with a summer cold.

3 Comments on “The Twin Peaks girls

  1. David Lynch has good taste in women.

    And indeed a shame she didn’t sign up for Fire Walk With Me, why didn’t she anyway? (I could look it up, but it’s so much easier to ask someone else who’ll know why anyway)