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Failure to Thrive

All of my friends loved this old girlfriend I had. Despite the relationship ending poorly, they said that she should be congratulated for “healing me” or whatever the fuck. I can’t help but interpret this as some sort of backhanded insult. Like she should get a prize for putting up with me. I nod and […]

The Pattern

One of the things I struggle with is why I so often go girl crazy. I don’t enjoy relationships, I don’t enjoy sex, I want nothing but to be left alone, and, yet, time and time again, I’ll fall instantly in love with a woman and be willing to trade anything for her.

Random Thoughts on Marriage

You don’t need me to tell you that love comes in varied forms, but the past month for me has been a roll through all types of commitments, new and old, and I’ve had a lot of time to think about them in a short time period.  When you’re not involved in the particulars of […]

Make it Up as We Go Along

When our two eyes meet for the hundredth time in the day, skies outside cloudy, a rolling froth of clouds threatening to boil over, caught in the red rhombus of a televised tornado warning area, something happens that was unlike the first ninety-nine.  We are pulled inward.  A glass is set down on the counter, […]