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Thanks to the so-called snowpocalypse, I’ve had a six day weekend and counting as the snow continues to fall.  Outside my window right now, we’re at whiteout conditions.  Public transportation is shut down, and the only way to survive is to polish off the last of the rum for breakfast and have a few toaster […]

Our Little Deaths

I’ve been commuting to downtown DC for over a decade now, and combining about ten miles of walking with the commute as part of my “passive health plan.” Statistically speaking, I suppose it’s inevitable that I would get hit by a car. Though I live in fear of the increasing number of bicyclists who, despite […]

Moving Day

I’ve finally finished yet another last-minute, poorly-planned move.  People laugh at me because I’ve only moved five times in my life.  I have no idea how the human soul can handle moving more than a dozen times, though.  Each move for me has taken years off my life.  I feel them sloughing away with each […]

Save the Rail

I wrote this last week and set it up to auto-post and, of course, the night before, we get nine (and maybe more) folks snuffed out in what is otherwise a routine Metro accident — trains on the same track hitting each other.  Which is something I thought only happened in Old West movies, yet […]

Not the Maryland I grew up with…

Looking to kill as much time as possible during the long, mind-bending, soul-sucking hours at my day job, I turned to News channel 8, our not so groovy local news service, in the hopes of finding queer little incidents not fit for the big time news sites.  It’s always nice to sit here in my […]

Tuesdays with Jesus

The text message from my grandfather instructed me to come to room 412 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Silver Spring at 6am, which didn’t make much sense as he was supposed to be in Parkersburg, West Virginia.  Though, it being election day, having him out of West Virginia might be a good thing as […]

Turf War

Well, they’re tearing up the “turf” that covers downtown Silver Spring’s ridiculous greenspace.  Read all about it at Silver Spring Singular.

Silver Spring Shooting

I’ve long subscribed to the theory that nothing bad can happen to you in the early morning hours on a holiday or weekend.  And I’ve put that theory to the test when traveling, when exploring urban ruins, when dumpster diving, and when conducting various misdemeanors. So far, I’m alive and not incarcerated.  But, at 5:30 […]