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Social Animals

I have a rare free weekend coming up and, as Monday dawns harsh and merciless, I find that I’m irrationally excited about the idea that, come Friday, I’ll be able to come home, take off my pants, go nowhere, do nothing, and not utter a single word for 60 hours.

The Importance of Snow Days

Two inches of snow is what we have right now in the DC area. Two years ago, the city would have come to a standstill and I’d be home right now, having vodka with breakfast, watching episodes of The Wire, and standing, naked, in my window as the private sector workers trudged sadly to work. […]

Nacho’s 2010 in Review

As I sit here trying to live up to my own asinine writing challenge, I figured I’d take a stab at writing a quick review of 2010 since, honestly, 2010 has been a pretty fucked up year. Like every year since the premiere of Galactica 1980, I’m glad to see it end.


Thanks to the so-called snowpocalypse, I’ve had a six day weekend and counting as the snow continues to fall.  Outside my window right now, we’re at whiteout conditions.  Public transportation is shut down, and the only way to survive is to polish off the last of the rum for breakfast and have a few toaster […]

Not quite a snow day

Why is Tinkerbell’s name used to call someone a homosexual?  I mean, I get that she’s a fairy and all, but Tinkerbell is fucking sexy!  Why would you call a guy Tinkerbell unless you were really attracted to him?  That’s like saying yeah, he’s a little bit of a Salma Hayek.  Oh yes…oh, yessss, he […]