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Square One

June in DC!  When the lovely spring weather slowly slides into swampland horror. The sun glares down and it’s a humid mid-80’s before 8am.  I try to walk 10 miles a day, despite my soul-murdering sedentary day job, so I push on through Code Orange mornings, breathing in toxic fumes and insuring that I’ll die, […]

2nd Street

Since 2004, I’ve gotten off at the New York Avenue Metro station every morning, walking down 2nd Street to my office near Union Station. It’s a walk that I never would have taken when I was young.  A walk I wouldn’t have even imagined taking even in the 90’s.  When I was a kid, that […]

Irish Pubs of DC: A rant, and a guide. Part one: McGinty’s, Ri Ra, Harp and Fiddle

I’m routinely hard on the faux-Irish pub phenomenon that so consumes the American bar culture.  It’s one of those things where, when confronted by the legion of faux-Irish pub apologists, I always end up pitching into an argument. Largely because they, those mad zealots, insist that certain pubs in the DC area are “authentic” Irish […]

The Homeless Dollar

I work a late shift, and am often leaving the office around 7pm, trudging up the hill to Union Station, or getting in a good city mile going the other direction to the New York Avenue Metro station and pretending that I’m healthier for the hike. Either way, I always see a slew of the […]

Big Darkness

Well, still coming down from all of the nail-biting freakout that circles around the production of a book.  Now sitting around, powerless, still nail-biting, waiting for inventory to arrive at the distribution center.  I remain convinced that something will fuck up, because…well, everything always fucks up.

Hating DC

I subscribe to about 300 blogs, so it’s impossible for me to recall where I saw any particular story…especially when 299 of the blogs are pretty much dominated by useless fluff.  But I did see something the other day about one of the writers for Why I Hate DC not finding enough stuff to hate […]

City Paper Cuts

I’ve kind of not so secretly hated the City Paper for many years now.  I suppose every “alternative” weekly of that ilk is run by silver spoon suburbanites pretending to be hip, but it’s not just the vague classism that’s polluted the City Paper,  I’ve had a personal vendetta against senior writer Jason Cherkis for […]